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In Blame Your Planet, she exposes the hidden underside of the stars, and how they affect the dark side of everyone. The zodiac definitely has a dark side that influences the nasty in every one under every sign: When Scorpios shed their Ms. Manners persona out pops a sex-mad control freak. Capricorns are really bean-counting misanthropes.

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Aries are head-banging psychos. Blame Your Planet explores: Your favorite deadly sinYour annoying little waysYour lunar nuisance that cramps your styleYour grimiest thoughts and succulent sex fantasies—in vivid detailYour Opposite Sign that connects you to those born under itYour Mr.

Michael Lutin.

Aquarius You're a deviant, but not a pervert. So how can you make your special contribution? Virgo You're here to roll up your sleeves and pitch in, and when you find your true calling, it won't be work. If you think the world owes you a living, get help. Gemini You're a human fiber optics cable. Staying connected to everyone, but not scattered and skitzed out -- that's the trick. Vanity Fair's hip and wickedly funny columnist knows your naughtiest, darkest obsessions.

He also knows where you can find the road to lasting joy. SunShines is an astrology book like no other. Eerily accurate and deliciously witty, it takes you deeper into your sign than you've ever been before, identifies the patterns you get hooked on, and then shows you how to find the happiness everyone deserves to have. That's a promise. Babs Kirby. Ever wondered how best to win round a stubborn colleague, or why it is you can never settle for just one partner? Babs Kirby's 21st Century Star Signs will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about you, your lover, father, daughter , boss and even today's A-list celebrities, in this, the most modern, in-depth astrological portrait for the 21st century.

Astrology IRL: Whatever the drama, the stars have the answer Liz Marvin. Sometimes brutal, always truthful straight-talking life advice direct from the stars. What does your day have in store? What do I feel guilty of? I don't know the answer to that either. It's just that feeling of guilt in the pit of my stomach Or maybe cause I actually feel that I've let go For those important people in my life For those of you not so important Depends on the day.

Wednesday, February 23, Career and Money. Because you know that no one can exceed your high standards, you're better of running your own business than being a tiny bureaucrat in a huge bureaucrracy. You also have a keen interest in health, medicine, and cutting-edge surgical intervention, so alot of you become doctors, thereapists or nurses.

You're a stickler for organization, sky-high standards, excellent service, and on-time delivery. You can be a very demanding boss, tough on your staff, but your customers love you. They know that you'll always make good on your guarantees. Be very cautious in business and finance. Just because an investment adviser comes highly recommended doesnt mean he wont make mistakes that erase half of your savings.

Keep an eye on how your money is handled. Dont hesitate to squawk when you see something on a report or invoice that doesnt make sense. Ask questions and dont hesitate to move your money elsewhere if you arent being treated respectfully and honestly. Keen interest in health and medicine? I used to want to be a nurse, so that counts. Tuesday, February 22, You're extremely sensual, sexual, and irresistible. You might be wearing a business suit, but your lingerie is totally naughty.

Yours is one of the lusty, "touch me" triad of Earth signs, made up of Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn. You like to feel, touch, and hold things before you buy them. You like valuables to be in the right place. It makes life so much simpler and less stressful. Only another Virgo can truly understand this.

You're also a wild and crazy member of the mutables: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. Maybe not the most consistent people in the zodiac, but only because of annoying life interruptions. You know it works: You hate to disappoint, so you agree to plans that screw up your schedge. Eventually you're re-smashed against the wall and cant possibly honor all the promises you've made. So you hate yourself. Typical mutable behavior. Because you're a die-hard rescuing, quality-control, perfection-just-aint-good-enough kind of gal, you struggle with the meaning of life, pretty much on a daily basis.

Why am I not perfect, taller, thinner, richer, smarter, and utterly adored? Darling, stop trying so hard. I've been using the "OCD" excuse for years But being the "perfection-just-aint-good-enough" kind of gal isn't something to be proud of either This segment doesn't leave me much to talk about Or how I'm part how my sign is one of the "wild and crazy" ones along with a few others Think I'll just sit back on this one, and feed off the last line Monday, February 21, There are always needy people clustering around you, with multitudes of problems that they can't or won't deal with.

You volunteer big fat slabs of time trying to make others happy, even when they've immunized themselves against joy. Eventually, you feel as joyless as the people you're trying to rehab and rescue.

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You acknowledge that it's a tiresome, thankless bore picking up anothers mess, making excuses for friends who cant make it into work, and accepting blame so that someone else doesn't have to. You start to realize that without you, a number of people you've propped up wouldn't be where they are today. This is the beginning of your transformation from grateful footstool to hot-blooded Queen Elizabeth I.

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When it dawns on you that others actually believe that you can be replaced, you begin a lifelong toughening-up process. You get smart and start asking for more money, more respect, and more freedom which, of course, you've earned with triple-digit interest.

Your request may not be granted, but your change of consciousness elevates your self-respect and a deepening well of core power. You're a powerful force in the making - and Goddess knows you've paid dearly for this lesson. You need to feel valued, and until you learn to value yourself, you sell tiny lots of your heart, soul, time, happiness and future in order to win anothers love, attention, loyalty or assistance.

Having to have control all the time is something that I'm currently working on. I realized I needed to work on that when I started to panic at certain things, that I shouldn't panic about Don't get me wrong And that's why I have so many people in my life who come to me for help I listen, I give advice when I can, I help when needed, I'm there to lend a shoulder or a hand I do feel that my eyes were opened a little more with everything life has thrown my way the last couple months. So the "toughening process" is definitely in transition And unfortunately there are some people in my life that don't "value" me as much as they should, and if they do But it does make me second guess my "worth", my "value".

I had a close friend of mine tell me not too long ago, that I need to love myself. And as soon as I love myself then I will have a better understanding of what I deserve. Which I've been trying to do But when I read this segment in this book, it was a reminder of what he said. Until I learn to value myself I'm going to give some of my heart to this person, some of my time to this person, and my happiness over there to that person It's embarrassingly true.

But I'm currently in transition I'm a work in progess. Sunday, February 20, I added a photo album on the right side of my blog. Make sure you click the "Photo Album" image and take a looksie! So, I started off the week dropping my car off I told him, okay I need my car by Thursday cause I have customers to see Nope, car wasn't ready, the owner said he'll pay for a rental car for me to drive Thursday cause of the rain and the weather So I got to drive a Jeep Compass around on Thursday.

Thursday went and picked up my car, and it looks good!! Being carless, I was able to get a ride from Josh to work Tuesday and Wednesday morning. The bad thing I normally start work till 9.

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Every other Thursday I have a couple customers I go visit.. Thursday morning had been an emotional morning for me But Thursday made me laugh.. I had told one of the boys at work about him.. I laughed at myself again, telling him.. I don't have time to admire. I'm hoping these customers get busier and I have to start seeing them every week I might have a better chance of seeing him.

So, only a few people know.. I'm a little uneasy about writing about this on my blog, but.. I write about my life and what I go through, so.. I have nothing to lose. But Thursday I had a "cryosurgery" Without going into too much detail and grossing out any men who might read my blog I had parts of my cervix froze because of abnormal cell growth precancerous cells which can lead to cervical cancer. Coming home, emotionally stressed and uncomfortable I'm telling my parents and grandparents about my "experience" after the surgery And this probably wasn't the first one Friday day after my procedure , being at work uncomfortable all day - I treated myself to Golden Spoon when I got off Mission accomplished.

The weekend consisted of trying on wedding dresses not me, but Stephanie lol , picking up and dropping off my car to get serviced all of my car work is officially done now! I got a couple of amazing books that I'm soooo excited to read and post about. A lot of them have quotes, so I'm sure you'll be reading some of my favorites pretty soon.

I did come across an astrology book, and reading the chapter on "Virgos" I laughed at how real it was, and how weird how dead on it is. It's more fun for me But if you do read it One of the books at Borders, I didn't buy it Under my birth date, it stated: "Good things come to those who wait, and sometimes the most important thing you can do is sit still.

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I did take a picture of part of my "birth date page" - this is why I think sooo!!!! Filled with repressed longing and brimming with passion, ambition, and, most of all, an abiding need to maintain control of everyone nearby. You shudder at the thought that if anyone accidentally read your mind, they probably wouldn't like you.

You set the bar incredibly high for yourself, and feeling inadequate is a regular occurrence. It takes decades and usually a great therapist and loyal, hardheaded pals who stand by you no matter what for you to make peace with yourself and accept that you're a worthy, wonderful, highly competent, loving person.

You were born with doubts - lots of them. Your existential angst started in third grade and never quite climaxed. You don't want it to, and you put off that date with destiny by proving your personal right to live on planet earth every day. You stay busy. The busier you are, the less likely you are to ponder the powerful, terrible, wonderful universe within your busy little being. Unlike your surrounding signs Leo and Libra you don't believe you're entitled to anything. You believe you must do penance for each pearl of caviar or Birkin bag you can get your hands on. And finding the perfect mate?

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Love Secrets of the Signs. Stacey Wolf. The Everything Bridesmaid Book. Holly Lefevre. Invaders of the Rokujouma!? Volume 5. John Wenzel. Conquer the Cosmos. Bridgett Walther.

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