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Streamline and simplify. While disciplined Saturn is in Capricorn, you'll need to cut the excess and prioritize. Luckily, many Caps already take this "less is more" approach. Saturn rules time, and while he's in your first house of appearances, you may explore anti-aging treatments or natural ways to keep your vitality glowing. Or, you'll embrace the beauty of getting older.

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In November, Jupiter enters your healing twelfth house for 13 months, a transitional time to rest and go within. Your efforts to establish firm roots hasn't been easy for the past few years. But in , sweet stability could come to your home life at last. Disrupter Uranus has spent the last seven years in your domestic fourth house. Since , you've had your share of ups and downs with a living situation.

A female relative, possibly your mom, could have been a source of stress. Mid-May, Uranus departs, helping you settle into a deeper sense of security. With expansive Jupiter in your eleventh house of friendships, you could connect with a whole new tribe. Embrace the spirit of community, whether it happens locally or virtually. This could be a fabulous year to travel with friends or to try an all-inclusive resort where you can meet new people.

Every single major part of your life is going through a change this year, so buckle up and enjoy the ride. With expansive Jupiter in your career house until November, your ambitions could take you to far-flung places, perhaps even a new city or an executive suite. This is one of your luckiest career years in over a decade, and with two eclipses in your sign, you could emerge as a surprisingly outspoken and trailblazing figure in your field. Your closest relationships will also undergo some shifts, as the people in your universe adapt to Aquarius 2.

From May onward, you could get a sudden opportunity to move, buy or sell a home, or expand your family. While part of you is ready to put down roots and settle into a professional groove, fluctuating circumstances could challenge your efforts. For example, you might need to travel for business or work long hours, which will demand extra efforts to juggle your obligations to relatives, romantic partners, and your own passion projects.

Your personal needs and your approach to relationships are getting an overhaul. That could bring anything from a sudden split to a quickie engagement to improved dynamics with your longtime love. Balancing "me" and "we" is the greater goal of these eclipses—and always the holy grail for your independent but people-loving sign.


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Cheers to your success, Aquarius! Expansive Jupiter is soaring through the top of your chart until November, bringing fresh possibilities to your tenth house of career and ambition. This could be one of your luckiest years in over a decade to take a calculated professional risk.

You might settle into a steady gig, get promoted through the ranks or take an important new job that requires relocation or travel. Need a nap? Structured Saturn is spending the next three years in your restful and healing twelfth house. Pushing yourself past the point of burnout will take its toll. You'll need to nip any people-pleasing habits in the bud and learn to say "no.

If you work in a wellness or healing profession, Saturn can bring a boon for your career. Mid-July, a solar eclipse in your sixth house of health and fitness could give you a motivating push to change your lifestyle. Home is where your stuff is…and that's a mantra your nomadic sign can get behind. Changemaker Uranus, your ruling planet, will start an eight-year visit to your domestic fourth house this May. Between now and , you may move several times, buy a home or expand your family. Your relationship with your mother, a child or a female relative may go through a lot of shifts with Uranus in your feminine fourth house.

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Meantime, Jupiter in your tenth house of fathers and men could strengthen your relationship with a male relative. Fascinating new friendships crop up at the end of the year, once Jupiter swings into your social eleventh house for 13 months. Your career has been a particular challenge over the past three years, but in , inspiration reboots. Absence will definitely make your heart grow fonder—but so will having a fun co-adventurer to join you on the road.

A team project or collaboration could get serious, especially if you join forces for a greater cause. Networking can also pay off, so ditch the energy vampires and level up your social circle to include people who are as generous as you are.

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Over the summer, a new romance, renewed passion and possibly even baby news could arrive. Freedom is your aphrodisiac! The last two years had a heavy relationship focus with Jupiter in your commitment houses.

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You may have gotten serious with one special person or parted ways with a longtime love. Maybe you spent a good amount of time supporting your mate or disappeared into a "couple bubble. People who give you plenty of room to roam and, ahem, breathe are the ones you'll keep around. Travel, learning and even starting a business together could make your heart beat faster. For single Pisces, sparks could fly with someone from another culture or country. The July 12 solar eclipse in your romance house may bring love or even a pregnancy out of the blue.

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In December , heavy Saturn finally ended a three-year trudge through your career house that challenged you to be more structured. If you weathered slowdowns or setbacks, the pace will now accelerate. You could do a complete from pessimism to optimism, as new possibilities crop up all year. Bountiful Jupiter is in your enterprising ninth house until November, getting you back into blue-sky thinking.

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  • And in November, Jupiter will start a month journey through your career sector, which might be your luckiest professional year in over a decade. In May, unpredictable Uranus will end its seven-year run through your financial zone, making it easier to stabilize your work and money. Fresh air, please! With worldly Jupiter in your outdoorsy ninth house, you'll be your happiest in wide-open spaces. Lucky number 9. Some of your business and personal plans are about to be actualized so put your shoulder to the wheel, as they say. Spiritual growth and awareness lead to new priorities and values.

    Change brings stability in material aspects and warmth in relationships. Your social life is exciting. It's best not to allow emotions to come in the way of professional decisions and business matters or you make a bad move. Listen to your heart and intuition rather than the head. Lucky number 2. Colour pinks. You are in harmony with existence and in rhythm with life - accept this great gift and share it with loved ones. Relationships are loving and special. Your social life is likely to be busy and tiring. You are receptive to ideas and intuitive in relationships.

    The new year looks set to be a time of intense change for Cancer, a period of transition into 'the person you are destined to be'. But Ms Fox cautioned that some of the opportunities will not necessarily be welcome ones, and Cancer may need to confront some demons along the way. Significant rewards can be reaped if Leo is willing to take a risk in If you've been treading water, avoiding confrontation, or have let others make decisions for you, is going to pull the rug out from under you!

    The new year will also bring new creative outlets and interests for Leo. While you may not feel as naturally creative as usual, Ms Fox said the next 12 months will be a time for improving self-expression. Leo could reap significant rewards if they are willing to take a risk next year stock image.

    For dramatic Scorpio, could bring both the sudden end and the immediate start to a close relationship. The new year looks set to involve travel to far-flung destinations where Scorpio can escape from reality. For dramatic Scorpio, could bring both the sudden end and the immediate start to a close relationship stock image. According to Ms Fox, Sagittarius will make their own luck in , signalling the end of recent years of struggle and difficulties. Ms Fox believes will be require perseverance and ambition for Capricorn.

    The new year will bring career success and professional opportunities if Pisces plays their cards right stock image. According to Ms Fox, the best way for Aquarius to instigate change in is taking control of situations themselves. The new year will bring new people into Pisces' life who appreciate them for who they really are. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

    Sagittarius will have financial success and Taurus will need to 'embrace change': Celebrity astrologer reveals what looks like for each star sign Australian astrologer Kelli Fox revealed what the new year will bring for you Aries will embark on long distance travel while Taurus will experience change Gemini should make investments and Leo is advised to take risks The coming months will also bring financial success for Sagittarius By Alice Murphy For Daily Mail Australia Published: GMT, 26 November Updated: GMT, 6 September e-mail shares.