Leo weekly horoscope 17 january

After all, you deserve it!

Leo Weekly Horoscope from 11th January 2016

Your emotions may be tested this week, mostly due to menacing friends throwing shade at you. Stand strong in your power. Even though it may be challenging at times, you are evolving your understanding of who you can trust and who you cannot. Your metaphorical blinders are coming off this week, allowing you to see yourself and others clearly. Only then will you acknowledge who your ride-or-die besties are.

You are just mirroring their projection of worries and anxieties. Sometimes you lose your cool with others when texting because of your impulsive communication style. This week, you are finally taking a step back from using your fiery temperament to express yourself and letting your crew speak first — which is a good thing. Let your friends take the lead this week.

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It will strengthen your relationships, as you will be seen as a kind, compromising archer by all. The best way to squash all the gossip is to host a meetup for all of your peers to discuss the problems that they have with one another. As long as you implement rules, everyone will abide by your boundaries and regulations. It will also bring your friends closer together, which is what you intended to do. What started out as a seasonal fling has developed into a full-blown relationship. There are so many questions and doubts within that are causing you to second-guess your sentiments.

Before you go your own way, be sure of your choices.

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Separate your logical and rational mind from your heart. Embrace your feels. Zodiac signs will become more interested in deep subjects like astrological studies, religion, ethics, and morality. Intuitiveness grows and this can help with learning as you read books on these topics.

Dig into your personal family history. If you've always wondered about your geneology, ask your family members what they know or order a geneology test and get your assessment done. A New Moon is our signal to hit the restart button, and a Moon in Capricorn invites us to explore our approach in a various aspects of our life.

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How do we treat others? There will be some financial and career impact as well. Capricorn is one of the money making signs of the zodiac. Virgos tie the number of billionaires in the world, too.

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Capricorns are great savers. On a financial level, zodiac signs can ask themselves if their current spending is realistic? Is it time to make an adjustment? Where do we go from here. Our thinking becomes more sensible and we focus on conserving rather than spending. When Venus, the planet of love and the ruler of Taurus and Libra, we look for ways to have fun with our loved ones and friends. We seek more adventurous activities.

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There's a restless in our energy inviting us to explore new ideas and change. Our points of view come up for discussion and an anything goes attitude allows us to be more extroverted and less reserved. These energies combined make this week perfect for organizing paperwork, focusing on tasks that require study or careful planning, opening or closing accounts, and addressing difficult but important topics that involve money like asking for a raise, talking to creditors, or setting a family budget. When the Sun enters Aquarius, it will stay in this sign until February 18th. After a month of labor and hard work we now seek to change things up a move towards freedom of expression.

This is a wonderful time to dig into learning, increasing your personal knowledge bank, adding or creating a home library. Taking a class or going places for leisure while exploring will bring an exciting element to the every day. We will find conversation more thoughtful and look to develop deeper connections with others through the arts, music, and socializing. Aries, if you were born with a pioneering spirit, the start of this week begins with testing the waters in business and perhaps exploring new networking and business building opportunities.

You may find yourself a bit curious about tasks associated with independent wealth building and maybe even taking a peek at the current crypto currencies to splurge if you're so moved.

evitlt.relogika.ru/wp-content/duezguen-arkadalk/arkada-bulma-sitesi-eki.php Your still with all planets to the above your zodiac sign which indicates thar personal image and career take center stage at this time. Your love life is still important to you, but with so much to do and so much winning happening right now, you will be focusing on your personal climb to the top.

Taurus, similar to the Ram, almost all planets are in the upper part of your zodiac sign which means that this week continues the same progression of career focus, but now with a little more digging in and perseverance. You may be looking for ways to add in things you neglected yourself on: working out, reading, etc. This is a great time to create a podcast listening list, get a workout partner, and maybe join an accountability group or program to help you stay on track with your goals.

Later this week, with a New Moon in Capricorn and a Sun entering Aquarius, work and play can come together nicely. Happy hour and business meeting, anyone? Suggested Reading: Unshakeable by Tony Robbins. Gemini, here we are Gemini, it's been quite a year already. You may still be dealing with some things, and yet for the most part, people are starting to notice you more than usual.

You may find that you're being invited to more social activities, and although this is something you enjoy, you may not appreciate all the drama that can come with spending time with friends. This week and next you are laying the foundation to for love and changing the way you see the process of dating.

If you're single, now is a great time to be more open to the idea of getting to know others where there's mutual interest. Cancer, not everything has to made up of highs and lows. Every time you start to make progress, every time you move closer to your dream goals, your mind finds a way to sabotage your growth.

The truth is, we sometimes pose as our own worst enemies. Be aware of negative self-talk and the limiting beliefs that are coming in the way of your growth. The path of creative freedom will liberate you. Allow yourself to be consumed by your art. Cosmic tip: Be aware of the self-negating patterns standing in the way of growth. If you are not in alignment with your soul purpose, now is the time to change things.

If you have already embraced that which is sacred to you, you are being asked to exercise a greater degree of commitment to your goals.

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The commitment to practice daily and enhance your skills will help you level up. Scorpio, establish a routine and stick to it like a boss. Cosmic tip: The commitment to practice daily and enhance your skills will help you level up. Hold space for real conversations. A space where people can take off their masks and be their most authentic selves.

Learning to be unconditional in your love promises to transform even the most challenging relationships. Your intuition is also extra sharp today, so open yourself to the divine downloads coming your way. Falling into the old trap of looking out for everybody but yourself?

Today brings with itself an important reminder: boundaries are sacred and must not be trespassed. If you feel like you have been carrying the load for others, now is the time to speak up. Remember, everybody is responsible for themselves. Besides, those who really love you will never impose their unrealistic demands upon you. Your head is not a happy place, Aquarius.

So many conflicting thoughts, so many conflicting emotions. When the classic head versus heart debate gets the better of you, step back. Retreat into your space of silence. Some of you may be confronted by the demon of self-doubt. When you find going down the rabbit hole, remind yourself of your inherent power. Life-changing revelation: there is no substitute for inner peace. Being in your centre equips you to deal with the trials and tribulations of the muggle world with the composure of a Zen master.