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As per predictions for Aquarius zodiac sign, you will be overall satisfied with your progress in career or work. You might get transferred to your preferred location, but you will have to work really hard for it. Click Now: Kundli Matching for Marriage. According to the Aquarius Horoscope , the year is going to be excellent for your financial life.

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You will get ample opportunities for financial or economic progress. You will gain a lot of wealth that will improve your financial position. You will be successful in saving money this year. After March, your financial condition will improve further. You will have multiple sources of income and you will be quite satisfied with your financial health. The months of January, March, April, November and December will be favorable for your financial life.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign Horoscope

You might make an unexpected financial gain during the beginning of the month. If you are into business, then you will make good profits, and if you are in a job or service, then you will get a salary hike. On the other hand, the year will be just average for the people in farming business. But if you work hard, you will surely make good profits. Your siblings might also make excellent financial or economic progress. You might make some economic gains from your ancestral property also.

You might plan to buy a new house or vehicle in the last month of the year. If you have applied for a bank loan, then it will get sanctioned. Overall, the year will be quite reassuring for your financial health. This year might be slightly challenging for the students. The students will get success only if they work hard with a lot of conviction.

As the luck will not favor you much, you will have to totally rely on your efforts to get success. The months of September, October and December will be favorable for studies and education.

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There are chances of going abroad for higher studies in the month of January and February. You will get good opportunities for education and career growth. You will have to work towards improving your concentration. If you feel stressed or disturbed for any personal reason, then try to resolve the issues without delay as it might adversely affect your studies.

Try to keep good company at school or college. If you are preparing for board examinations, then you will have to put in extra efforts to get the desired results. The students will perform well in Mathematics, and your interest in the subject will increase. On the other hand, the science students will be more inclined towards practical work than theory.

In addition to studies, you will also do well in extracurricular activities. If you have a hobby or hidden talent, then you must work towards it. If you are studying professional courses, then you will have ample opportunities for growth. Try to make use of the opportunities that come your way. The year will bring a lot of happiness and joy to the family of natives with Aquarius zodiac sign. The planet Jupiter will bless you with good and healthy family life.

You will enjoy the family harmony and peace. The family will support you in all personal as well as professional matters. You might plan to construct a new house this year. The family will enjoy good health and well-being. On the other hand, your father will be hale and hearty throughout the year. Some differences with the father might emerge, but your relationship will stay strong nevertheless. The siblings will progress in career or studies. Look after the younger siblings and their day-to-day needs.

Some Manglik work might get concluded this year. Your family will enjoy respect and high status in the society. With the addition of a new member, the number of family members might increase. You will be highly responsible towards your family, and you will get alot of appreciation and recognition for the same. Your family will support you in tough times which will boost your morale and self-confidence. The year will be quite special for your marriage life, but the months of March and April might be slightly challenging. As per Aquarius Horoscope , new conflicts or disagreements with the spouse might arise during this period.

Try to resolve conflicts through mutual discussion. Sometimes you might feel quite dissatisfied with your marriage life.

Also, try to spend more time with the spouse and assure her or him your unconditional support and love always. This will increase your mutual understanding and support for each other. The situations will get better after the month of May and you will get full support from your spouse. The spouse might particularly need your support in the months of November and December. Avoid petty arguments or conflicts and work towards increasing mutual understanding. If you have a child, then this year will be favorable for him. The child will grow mentally and emotionally, but he might get a little cranky after the month of March.

Try to deal with the situation like a friend, and avoid scolding or chiding at all costs. Your love life will slightly better than average this year. The beginning of the year might not be too great for natives under Aquarius zodiac sign, and you might face few ups and downs till the month of March.

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Sometimes you might tend to lose faith in your partner and be under a state of confusion with respect to your relation. Under such circumstances, try to resolve any misunderstandings or underlying conflicts through discussion. You might also plan a holiday or vacation at a hill station or beach with your partner.

The months of April, November, and December will be quite favorable for your love life. If you wish to convert your love relationship into a marriage, then this is the right time. You will spend some beautiful and memorable moments together and your relationship will become stronger. But if you are trying to test your partner in terms of her or his credibility, then do it carefully. Any wrong step might cause an irreparable damage to your relationship.

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Be honest and maintain transparency with your partner always. If you are healthy and fit, then you can achieve anything that you desire in life. According to the Aquarius Horoscope , the year is going to be good in terms of health and well-being. You will feel energetic and enjoy good health throughout the year. You will be full of enthusiasm and vitality which will give you the confidence to complete all your crucial tasks successfully.

But you might catch few seasonal infections like viral fever, common cold or insomnia etc. They are not usually argumentative, nor do they talk for the sake of it. Conversation to these people is for the exchange of ideas, but they argue about principles and ideals which they hold strongly. Although gentle by nature, Aquarians can become fierce when there is a change to be made or when their freedom is at stake.

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When fighting a cause, they argue clearly and convincingly, and will undergo great personal sacrifice for the benefit of the group as a whole. They look to the future, pushing for what could be rather than working to maintain the present circumstances. Exploring other countries, cultures and philosophies comes naturally to Aquarians, and they can be impatient with those whom they feel are narrow-minded.

Aquarians love to explore new things and as children they are keen to question the world and accepted beliefs. Aquarians sometimes like to shock those around them out of their complacency. Relationships : In relationships, Aquarians prefer a good deal of freedom and allow their partners the same. They do not like to be possessed by their partners, nor do they become possessive. Aquarians usually hesitate before making any deep, lasting commitments, as they need to be absolutely certain that it is for the best.

They are more concerned with humanity as a whole rather than with any one particular person. Partners of Aquarians can sometimes feel that everyone else receives more attention from the Aquarian than they do. A meeting of minds is what attracts Aquarians to a partner. For those who cling to tradition, an Aquarian partner may not be suitable. They can deliberately set out to shock complacent people through their words and actions.

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Aquarians are not usually given to physical displays of affection, especially in public. Being the opposite sign to Leo, they are also opposite in their approach to love. While the Leo makes a big production of the courting period, the Aquarian finds conversation and ideas more appealing than romance.

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In fact, Aquarians can be distinctly unromantic in love, but they are usually steadfast in their commitment once they given have given it. For those who enjoy plenty of freedom to see friends and pursue their own interests, a relationship with an Aquarian might suit them perfectly. There is a certain detachment about Aquarians which some people find puzzling.

It is not the aloofness of the Capricorn, which stems from a poor self-worth or an overactive sense of responsibility, but a detachment which results from preoccupied thoughts until something outside them demands their attention.

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As ideals and beliefs are paramount to Aquarians, a harmonious long-term relationship is usually viable only with someone who shares their beliefs. Health : Aquarians need to take care of their ankles, calves and wrists, as they can experience problems with these areas at times. They need to ensure good circulation or they may suffer with varicose veins or cold hands and feet.

Body electricity is also an Aquarian concern, as Uranus which rules Aquarius rules electricity. Regular exercise and outdoor activity can assist in the re-balance of the fine electrical or nervous energy of the body. When in poor health, Aquarians often respond well to psychic healing, homeopathy and radionics.